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Briddge; The one-stop shop for all your legal and financial needs as you expand your business throughout Europe  

Briddge is the one-stop solution with broad client-tailored services for internationally oriented companies which either expanding or are planning to expand across Europe. By bringing together and combining a broad range of disciplines, such as accounting, corporate, immigration and labor law, HR, payroll and tax, we are able to support our clients every step of the way, from setup through to the successful operation in Europe. We provide solutions to pressing challenges at every stage so our clients can develop to their full potential. We believe that our success comes from understanding the ambitions and goals of our clients and by building long term partnerships with them while their goals are achieved. Our experience, expertise and knowledge along with our broad range of services and our commitment to our clients, are unmatched in the European marketplace.   

Insights and knowledge that’s required to deal with taxation internationally 

It’s all a matter of specialized fiscal knowledge – knowledge that we at Briddge will gladly put to work for our clients. We can, through our global recourses, help our clients build up their business quickly and effectively. We combine country-specific knowledge with global insight on all tax-related matters. Briddge’ s affiliation with a network of local offices throughout Europe provides both our clients and our team with some attractive options. For example, we can offer expert advice on correct taxation structures per locale, and even execute the actual fiscal work required. We provide a comprehensive range of services which include: 

  • Consultation, advice and a second opinion such as VAT (nationally and internationally); 

  • Advice, filing returns and arranging remittance in the field of corporate and personal income tax, VAT and wage tax; 

  • Act as your General Fiscal Representative (GFR) for VAT purposes; 

  • Apply for licenses (such as Art. 23 license, enabling easy import of goods into the EU); 

  • File private tax returns, such as income or capital gain tax; 

  • Analysis and counsel regarding transfer pricing and negotiating advance pricing agreements with local authorities; 

  • Request advance tax rulings; 

  • Expert advice on cross-border transactions; 

  • Arranging for refunds of foreign VAT. 

Working at Briddge 

As a starter in Briddge you’ll be in touch with our clients from day one. At first, the compliance and advisory projects will be less complex, but this will grow over time. Most likely you’ll start in one of the expert fields within team Tax, but the team operates as one and many topics will be handled as a joint effort. Besides team Tax, you’ll be in close contact with many of the other teams within Briddge and it will broaden your vision on establishing and expanding business in Europe.  

Briddge is a welcoming environment for everyone, we represent over 20 different nationalities and speak close to 40 different languages. We value growth and development, there is plenty of room for gaining experience during your studies or even further education after your studies. Within the tax team, we are very open to your suggestions and your wishes to develop, when you grow, we grow 😉 

We are not just dedicated to our client’s success, but also to ourselves. We highly value the mental and physical well-being of our team members. We regularly host team events or events for individual wellness. By recognizing the importance of flexible work hours and work-from-home policies, we ensure that our team members feel comfortable working in diverse settings while combining their work with other responsibilities.  

There are options to join Briddge both during and after you finished your studies. During your studies we welcome you as an Assistant to the team, you can work flexible hours on a part-time basis. After finishing your studies, Briddge can be the starting point of your career as a Junior Associate where you’ll broaden your view of Tax, or deepen your knowledge in a specific area within Tax. During frequent, one-on-ones we’ll set your course.  

Are you interested? 

Our recruiter Pascal van Schooten-van Dam is happy to tell you all there is to know about working at Briddge. You can reach her at 

For more information about the people behind Briddge, please check our social media; LinkedIn Facebook Briddge Legal & Finance | Facebook  and Instagram; briddge_careers